Who We Are

Founded in 1994, Minnesota Campus Compact aims to integrate civic work and one perspective with logolearning into the curriculum and operations of its diverse network of colleges and universities, so students graduate with the determination and capacity to contribute to the public good throughout their lives—and higher education institutions are fully engaged with their communities, working together to educate citizens, solve problems, and build a strong democracy. Minnesota Campus Compact is the only organization in the state that works with public and private, two and four-year institutions on the democratic purposes of higher education.

Minnesota Campus Compact is the only organization in the state that brings together public and private, two-year and four-year colleges and universities around a shared commitment to the public purposes of higher education.

While college and university presidents and chancellors are the official members of our coalition, we are an inclusive network of people with varied positions and backgrounds who seek to advance more relational, asset-based, and change-oriented leadership; to recognize and value diverse sources of knowledge; to understand themselves and others—and to continue learning and working for positive change on the issues that matter to them, even when the work is hard.