Student Engagement Survey

July 15, 2015
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Campus and community partnerships are at the heart of the College Health Corps — and many of those partnerships involve students from colleges and universities across Minnesota, giving some of their time to efforts that ideally effect positive change in their communities while also supporting their own learning and growth.

In addition to significant assessment of the College Health Corps’ outcomes around health care access, health education, healthy behaviors, and healthy communities, host sites conduct annual surveys of students who volunteer or intern with them. Below are highlights of student impact from the 2014-15 academic year.

  • 100% would recommend service experiences to their peers
  • 97% said they would volunteer after their service experience
  • 90% said they will list their service experience on job and school applications, and 79% said they can apply their service experience to a future career
  • 79% said their service experience increased their understanding of others
  • 66% said it made them examine their own values, beliefs, and views of the world

“This experience made me realize how much more I want to stick with my intended career. I am planning on becoming a doctor because I want to be able to help people and make a difference in their lives. Volunteering and helping others has helped to strengthen that desire.” – Southwestern Minnesota State University/YMCA, Marshall

“Since my internship was completed, I decided to continue volunteering at this particular clinic on a regular basis and have a co-worker of mine join me at the clinic.” – CARE Clinic, Red Wing

“The experience gave me insight into how a public school system engages with the topic of local and sustainably raised foods.” – Youth Farm/Minneapolis Public Schools, Minneapolis

“It was wonderful getting  a chance to know some of the people in the communities we served. Getting to know them by name and having them know me in return, and seeing that I was making a difference in their life was incredibly rewarding.” – HealthFinders Collaborative, Northfield

“I volunteered at the UROC Community Day, which was a great way to both get to know all of the programs at the center and see the immense transformation that this center has undergone through the past five years both within itself and for the community of North Minneapolis.” – Robert J. Johnson University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center, Minneapolis

Meaningful community engagement and service opportunities can leave a lasting impact on people’s lives and influence career choices, whether by strengthening the desire to enter a chosen field, pointing them in a new direction, or developing critical skills and knowledge. As the 2015-16 CHC VISTA members dive into their service years, we hope the campus-community partnerships they support will expand and enhance those opportunities for others!



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