Service-Learning for Critical Consciousness

October 25, 2017

Critical reflection, critical motivation, and critical action — with these components, community-engaged learning takes on deeper levels of analysis and cultivates students’ capacity to make change in their communities. Given that so many in this network are committed to deepening their critical service-learning practice, we were pleased to offer an October 24, 2017 webinar on the topic. During the session Tanden Brekke of Bethel University led participants through an exploration of key questions and pedagogical strategies to ensure a critical lens is at the heart of students’ service-learning experiences.

Engaging critical thinking in service-learning is essential to academically rigorous and socially responsible engagement. Taking this approach doesn’t presume a particular political view or theory of how to make communities stronger, but it does require a willingness to think deeply about what’s happening in communities through individual, interpersonal, systemic, and historical lenses. 

If you couldn’t attend but are interested in this topic, you can access handouts and reading resources below. Or with questions, contact Tanden Brekke at t-brekke {at} bethel(.)edu.