September Community Engagement Resources

August 15, 2017

“Neighbourhood Emplaced Centers: A Trend Within American Urban Community-University Engagement” by Lina Dostilio
Cites the work of the University of Minnesota Robert J. Jones Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center

Chronicle of Higher Education – “The Neighborhood University” and “When Universities Swallow Cities
Explore the responsibilities urban universities have to the communities and cities they reside in as well as their impact.

How a Campus Takes Its Clothes Off” by Danielle Leek
Discusses why it is important for college campuses to embrace the public purposes of higher education and civic engagement.

Promoting Democratic Engagement During College: Looking Beyond Service Learningby Elijah C. Howe and Kevin Fosnacht
Addresses the challenges and successes of practical models and curricula in preparing students to be engaged participants in the democratic society.

Science of Education and Civic Engagement: An International Journal, Vol. 9, Issue 2

This journal explores how science education can be utilized to empower students as engaged learners, participants on campus and as citizens in their communities, while also learning science.

Transform: The Journal of Engaged Scholarship, Issue 1

This journal feature articles that advance the scholarship of engagement within Australia and internationally, providing research, practice-oriented research, and reviews of practice relevant to engagement in higher education.

Compact Nation Podcast, Season 2, Episode 1. Features a conversation with retired U.S. Senator Tom Harkin about his institute at Drake University, how citizens can impact policy, and what higher education needs to do now.

Changemaker Podcast features Augsburg University faculty member Katie Clark who is working with student nurses to run the Augsburg Central and Cedar-Riverside Health Commons.

NPR Civics 101 Podcast offers refreshment on understanding the basics of the U.S. democratic system and society.

Sustained Dialogue Institute offers several dialogue guides to assist campuses in themed discussions, ranging from ableism, safe spaces, gender, prejudice, hate crime, race, privilege, and intercultural competency.

Constitution Day Planning Guide from the New York Times offers program guides, ideas, tools, and more

The Social Change Career Helping Line provides a place where individuals can find answers and connect with others on how to advance their career in social institutions.