October Community Engagement Resources

September 4, 2017

How Higher Ed Can Restore Public Trust by Anthony P. Monaco, E. Gordon Gee and Eduardo Padrón
Discusses how a year of service can improve and enrich students’ college experience.

Situated Solidarity, Scholar-Activism and the Images in Our Heads by Eric Goldfischer
Considers the intersection of scholarship and activism.

The Case for Academic Freedom: Student opinions, faculty standards by Nancy Thomas
Explores the recent court case involving academic freedom amidst controversial political issue discussions and course content at public institutions.

Being Good Neighbors by Ed Finkel
Discusses the growth and increasing importance of civic engagement programs.

Sustainable Solutions: Let Knowledge Serve the City edited by B.D. Wortham-Galvin, Jennifer H. Allen, and Jacob Sherman

This volume examines different approaches to collaborative work that Portland State University has taken both within the university and with community partners.

Calling Bullshit: Data Reasoning for the Digital Age: Freely accessible syllabus, videos, and resources for strengthening media and data literacy skills.

Compact Nation Podcast: This season starts with episodes featuring interviews with former U.S. Senator from Iowa Tom Harkin, who discusses his institute at Drake University and how citizens can impact policy; Wagner College president and Campus Compact board chair Richard Gurasci; and Bristol Community College Dean of Teaching and Learning Suzanne Buglioni. Episode 3 also includes MNCC’s own Sinda Nichols as the first guest host for the podcast.

The Hub for Creative Placemaking in Higher Ed: A new online resource that aims to foster conversation and promote collaboration between campuses and their surrounding communities.

Democracy Counts: A Report on U.S. College and University Student Voting: The Institute for Democracy and Higher Education has released its national report on college student voting, including trends and demographic breakdowns of voter turnout.

The Anchor Mission Playbook: Recommendations by Rush University Medical Center on how anchor institutions can better align their resources and mission with the communities they serve.

Teaching Immigration with the Immigrant Stories Project from the University of Minnesota: A curriculum on aspects of United States immigration, past and present, through the personal experiences of immigrants and refugees.