January Update – New Community Engagement Resources

January 3, 2017

Articles, Books, and Journals

The Benefits of Gender Balance in a System’s Presidential Offices by Anne Blackhurst, Joyce Ester, Connie Gores, and Barbara McDonald

Critical Competences for Social Impact Leaders by Romy Kraemer

Engaging Learning Through Student Activism by Stephen G. Pelletier

Engaging Urban Universities as Anchor Institutions for Health Equity by Ira Harkavy

Engaged Research and Practice edited by Betty Overton, Penny A. Pasque, John C. Burkhardt

Higher Education’s Post-Election Voice by Pete Mackey

In Tumultuous Times, Colleges Can Do What They Do Best by Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh

The Journal of Public Scholarship in Higher Education, 2016 edited by Alexis Petri, and Tabitha Underwood

More universities and colleges reach out to boost their home communities by Jon Marcus

Bridging the town and gown divide by Jon Marcus

On the Front Lines of a New Culture War by Steve Kolowich

Research on Student Civic Outcomes in Service Learning, edited by Julie A. Hatcher, Robert G. Bringle, Thomas W. Hahn

Recognizing Engaged Scholarship in Faculty Reward Structures: Challenges and Priorities, Vol. 27.2 guest edited by Claire C. Cavallaro

Respect Differences? Challenging the Common Guidelines in Social Justice Education by Özlem Sensoy and Robin DiAngelo

To Save Themselves, Small Colleges Offer Lifeline to Their Hometowns by Douglas Belkin

Transforming Understandings of Diversity in Higher Education edited by Penny A. Pasque, Noe Ortega, John C. Burkhardt, Marie P. Ting

U survey: Many college students dealt with adverse childhood experiences by Peter Cox

Other Resources

Campus Compact Podcast 4 with activist Ashley C. Ford.

Harvard Graduate School of Education Askwith Forum: “What Is a Good Citizen and How Do You Create One? with Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, Michelle Fine and Carrie Crossley

Student Activism In School Getting Your Voice Heard: Resources, Inspiration and Expert Advice for Making A Difference On and Off Campus by Eddie Thompson