Meet the 2019 Minnesota Presidents’ Award Recipients

March 25, 2019

Minnesota Campus Compact (MNCC) has announced the winners of the 2019 President’s Awards. This year, 88 awardees were selected from 27 colleges and universities across the state.

“Our member colleges and universities are committed to civic engagement that impacts student learning and community progress,” said Acting Minnesota Campus Compact Executive Director Emily Shields. “These awardees represent the kinds of people, projects, and collaborations we need to move Minnesota forward.”

The Minnesota Campus Compact Presidents’ Awards provide an opportunity for member presidents and chancellors to give statewide recognition to effective leaders in the development of campus-community partnerships. Awards will be presented at a statewide summit on April 10, 2019 at St. Catherine University in St. Paul this year. The event includes a keynote speech by Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Natalie Hudson on “Seeing Differently Together: Pluralism, Interdependence, and Our Democracy.”

  • Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: This award is for an individual student or a student organization that models a deep commitment to civic responsibility and leadership, evidenced by initiative, innovative and collaborative approaches to addressing public issues, effective community building, and integration of civic engagement into the college experience.
  • Presidents’ Community Partner Award: This award is for a community-based organization that has enhanced the quality of life in the community in meaningful and measurable ways and has engaged in the development of sustained, reciprocal partnerships with the college or university, thus enriching educational as well as community outcomes
  • Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: This award is for a member of the faculty, administration, or staff or for a group (e.g., advisory committee, task force, project team) that has significantly advanced their campus’ distinctive civic mission by forming strong partnerships, supporting others’ civic engagement, and working to institutionalize a culture and practice of engagement.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Augsburg Garden Team

Nell Gehrke and Urgesa Chiri cultivate storytelling, listening, connections, and lots of vegetables in the Augsburg Community Garden. Last year, they supported gardeners through a major garden renovation, offering extra support, recruiting students to help, and acting on concerns to make the garden more accessible, welcoming, and beautiful for campus and community.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Trinity Lutheran Congregation

In 1872 Augsburg moved to Minneapolis at the invitation of Trinity Lutheran Congregation. Since then we have worked together to enhance the lives of residents in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. We collaborate on learning opportunities for students, faculty and community members through after-school homework help, Wednesday Night suppers, and interfaith work.


Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Center for Teaching and Learning

Augsburg’s Center for Teaching and Learning provides support and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. This year they engaged dozens of leaders across campus to co-create an MLK Day of Action, a campus-wide day of workshop offerings that kicks off an intensified commitment to developing as an anti-racist institution.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Ehkhudah Zar

 Ehkhudah demonstrated a deep commitment to civic engagement through spending her summers working with the Urban Farm and Garden Alliance to create just food systems. She also organized a Dakota Sacred Sites tour with Healing MN Stories to educate the Bethel community on the stories of Dakota people.


Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Breaking Free

Bethel has partnered with Breaking Free in their educational efforts to prevent sex trafficking and provide housing and care for survivors of sex trafficking, programming that empowers survivors to develop vocational and other essential life skills, and treatment programs for offenders who have purchased sex from trafficked women.

See Teresa Forliti’s interview here.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Amy Lary White

Amy, Professor of Social Work, has been a leader at Bethel University in  developing community-engaged learning opportunities for students.  Currently, she is teaching a living-learning course in the FSU neighborhoods and is leading a community-based participatory research project that is looking at equitable development.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Juliette Bobrow

Juliette is a trusted, creative, collaborative, and joyful leader. In addition to overseeing 13 student-led volunteer programs dedicated to the health and wellbeing of local communities, Juliette has completed two community-engaged internships, researched transnational feminist peace networks, and serves on the board for the Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Northfield Public Library

The Northfield Public Library is an inclusive and welcoming space — an excellent venue and partner for blending college and community events. The library hosts Carleton College interns, work-study students, is a site for academic civic engagement courses, and partners with us to offer municipal identifications to college students.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Anita Chikkatur

Professor of Education Anita Chikkatur is a scholar driven by the pursuit of a more equitable world and is a tremendous collaborator of Carleton’s Center for Community and Civic Engagement. Funded by a CNCS grant, she co-directs a Participatory Action Research project about refugee and immigrant educational experiences in Faribault.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Laura Precourt

Laura’s civic engagement activities reflect her passion for finding sustainable solutions to community issues – through the promotion of local food, through a personal commitment to environmental sustainability, by seeking sustainable solutions to social and economic inequity, and via women’s leadership development.


Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Jayne Greeney Schill, Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID)

AVID trains educators to make learning more effective by providing engaging, rigorous, and collaborative classrooms. The program impacts two million students annually. Schill has facilitated service-learning experiences with AVID for multiple CSB students, and she finds creative ways to work with our students to achieve their goals.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Sustainability Office

The CSB Sustainability Office works to emphasize and embed sustainability into CSB’s mission, institutional operations, and outreach to communities beyond the campus. The office supports existing sustainability efforts on campus, develops and implements new programs, empowers student leadership, and facilitates the exchange of information and partnerships with collaborators.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Brooke Steigauf

Brooke has been a courageous activist for building bridges between our student body on controversial topics.  Her leadership of CSP’s PEACE club and her role as the Editor-in-Chief of our student newspaper have given her avenues to bring humanitarian issues and differing opinions to the forefront.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Lori Greene

Community mosaic artist Lori Greene has created a community space enabling a variety of Concordia community art projects. Lori has partnered with professor Cate Vermeland for over 15 years by exhibiting the work of mosaic artists in our Gallery.  Mosaic on a Stick provides a backbone for St. Paul community arts.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Jeanne Lojovich

Jeanne has been instrumental in advancing the DPT cornerstone of Christian Service.  Through her work our DPT program has established ongoing partnerships with community organizations including St. Paul Public Housing, the YMCA, and Indian Health Services. Her service passport program has encouraged dozens of students to engage with the community.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Brian Mayén

Brian has been the student coordinator of Language Buddies for three years.  He is wholeheartedly committed to advancing better communication and integration among diverse groups in St. Peter and on campus.  His dedication to connecting college students to the ELL youth and adults in our area has been remarkable.



Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Martin Lang

Martin, Associate Professor in Communication Studies; Film/Media Studies; and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, has integrated civic engagement into multiple courses. This year he produced a documentary “(Mid)West of Somalia” and held multiple screenings/discussions throughout the community. This film exemplifies Martin’s commitment to civic engagement and social justice.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Emma Kiley

Emma Kiley is an outstanding member of our Hamline community. She has developed an intense interest around the issue of food insecurity. Co-founding the Feed Your Brain student organization was only the beginning. She faced many challenges and has remained committed in her leadership in addressing a very real concern.



Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Family Tree Clinic

The Family Tree Clinic serves some of our most marginalized communities with caring staff and factual information about reproductive health. The two courses that were designed for Public Health students’ participation offered opportunities to engage in research vital to advancing reproductive justice and equity in health care.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Valentine Cadieux

Valentine integrates disciplines that aren’t conventionally thought of as belonging with Environmental Studies, such as conflict management, professional writing, and art. Incorporating community service into curriculum, her students benefit greatly from collaborations with organizations such as the Ramsey County Watershed District.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Josie Neveu

Josie is a mother, a Student Ambassador, on the leadership team of VIBE Club, Nursing Club, Choir Club, and is the Student Senate President. Josie has worked on our civic and voter engagement efforts, made improvements to student spaces and orientation, and develops other student leaders.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Kathy Anderson, Living Well Disability Services

100% of students who complete service learning with Living Well say they would recommend it to another student, and are happy with their experience. Kathy and her team are co-educators, and give generously of their time to design projects, coordinate guest speakers and guide reflection.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Amy Zsohar

Amy is a communications professor who includes service learning into a majority of her courses. She is a model of how to use best practices in service learning, and designs different projects for  each semester, which is a tremendous amount of work. She is a civic engagement champion!

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Andy Han

Andy is a campus leader who has also found a home at Expo Elementary over four years. He has been an important bridge between Expo and Macalester, inspiring student engagement. He is a Bonner Community Scholar who supports civic engagement in a variety of ways across campus.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Saint Paul Public Library

In the ever-busy, vibrant Rondo Library, Macalester students work weekly as tutors, reading partners, teen specialists, homework center coordinators, and dialogue facilitators with English language learners. The commitment and leadership of volunteer coordinator Wendy Neurer has brought consistency and depth to this multifaceted, long-term partnership.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Ted Rueff

Through his role as the Director of Counseling Services, Ted helps students make the connection between human resilience and social change.  He brought incredible leadership to Lives of Commitment and co-founded and facilitated Embody the Change, two civic leadership and reflection programs that will forever be shaped by his commitments.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Julie Chau

Julie is a student coordinator for Saturday Science events and K-12 school visits at Metro. Both of these free events are designed for underrepresented youth.  Julie takes leadership on building out kid-friendly science experiments, coordinating student volunteers, and encouraging youth to see themselves as scholars and college students.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Community Mediation and Restorative Services

CMRS has provided many students’ opportunities to listen, learn, and lead restorative justice and community building as part of their academic service learning projects. With the help of CMRS, Metro was also able to organize the very first International Restorative Practice conference in July, 2018.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Michael O’Connor

For the past four years, Michael has developed relationships with non-profits to provide capacity building projects through his graduate capstone course in Management and through his own time and professional expertise. He has also developed community/university relationships while serving on the Alumni Board and the Board of trustees.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Lele Exum

Lele was awarded the True Advocacy Fellowship through which she advocated at state and national levels for LGBTQ+ youth who are or have experienced homelessness. She co-founded Minnesota’s first LGBTQ+ rapid rehousing program and works with The Link, a non-profit organization, to provide services to underrepresented youth.


Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Project for Pride in Living

PPL partners with Minneapolis College to provide training for several high demand workforce pathways. This NGO builds and manages safe, quality, affordable housing and provides support services to create stability and pride. Career Training Readiness programs provide participants with skills to get and keep a job with income growth.


Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Mark Deree

Mark has forged strong partnerships throughout the Minneapolis Community & Technical College campus community. These strong partnerships with faculty, staff, students and external partners has enhanced the overall safety mission of the school.  During the past year Mark has accomplished several new initiatives providing for a safer campus environment.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: M State Dental Assisting Student Organization and M State Student American Dental Hygiene Association

The student organizations demonstrate a commitment to civic responsibility by providing innovative solutions to community needs. Students provide dental care at public events and at the community-serving campus dental clinic. The free and reduced cost dental cleanings ensure all community members have access to much-needed dental assistance.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: United Way of Cass-Clay

We’re collaborating to provide training and support to low-income families to meet the skills gap and workforce development needs in our community. There is tremendous opportunity for individuals in poverty to be a part of solving our workforce shortage in our local community by providing opportunities to increase their skills.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Victoria McWane-Creek

Victoria works tirelessly toward our institutional goal of inclusivity by involving staff, students, and community members. Her knowledge, patience, and willingness to work with, and include all people, is nothing short of amazing. Her efforts demonstrate her desire to form lasting partnerships that encourage civility and engagement.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Yasmeen Black

Yasmeen is consistently active in campus and community involvement. She interned with the VARP at MSU where she helped identify community partners to provide care for students who were victims of violence. She also organized events about healing from child sexual abuse including a film showing of “Invisible Scars”.


Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Tiffnie Jackson

Tiffnie and the Mankato YWCA, Division of Racial Justice work with employees and students to help promote racial and social justice, both on campus and in the community. From trainings and workshops to internships, Ms. Jackson has helped MSU develop advocates for racial and gender equality in Greater Mankato.


Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Karen Anderson

Karen serves as the Director of Community Engagement on campus. She helps the university and community address food insecurity by coordinating efforts between Campus Kitchen, food shelves, and churches. Karen and her students have rescued over 40,000 pounds of food and served 6,000 meals to neighbors throughout Mankato, including many students!

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Manuel De Jesus Alanis Andrade

Manuel is a first-generation, underrepresented student in higher education.  Manuel developed strong civic responsibility, leadership skills, is the President for the Latinos-United at Normandale in Action, and part-time student worker with TRIO SSS. Manuel has volunteered for school district 191, Normandale Ambassador Program, Spanish Debate-Minnesota Urban Debate League and many other organizations.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: VEAP

VEAP has been a key partner for Normandale and has provided great services to the student body providing free food through their Mobile Food Pantry Program, fighting hunger among college students. VEAP’s Mobile Food Pantry has committed to serving students frequently on campus and has made a significant difference.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Rachada Weiland and Sara Weiland

Rachada, an Administrative Assistant at Normandale, and her daughter Sara, a Normandale student, are true champions of the Campus Cupboard, our student food shelf. They create and sell beautiful crafts for the Campus Cupboard and regularly donate food, hygiene items, and gift cards to our students in need.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Students Serving Our Community Club

Students Serving Our Community Club empowers the community through responsible civic engagement and public outreach. Students engage in first-hand opportunities at places like the Center for Victims of Torture, Feed my Starving Children and the 360 Communities program. Their volunteerism reflects the club’s dedication to service and improving people’s lives.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Fairview Health Services

Fairview Health Services has been a significant partner with North Hennepin Community College in opening an on-campus health clinic and bringing access to healthcare to NHCC. They collaborate with our academic programs to increase awareness about health and wellness, and decrease barriers to health access for our students.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Peggy LePage

After “distracted driving” caused the tragic death of a faculty colleague, Peggy championed educating our students about the consequences of unsafe driving practices and texting while operating a vehicle.  She also engaged the broader campus community in significant ways in advocating for legislation for hands-free cell phone policies.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Sarah Engen

Sarah has worked tirelessly to ensure that Northwestern is an inclusive and welcoming  environment for all students.  She is a Diversity Scholar and leader of JEDI (Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion).

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Gary Harala

Gary is a detail oriented, first-generation college student with proven skills in problem solving, leadership, and sustainability. Honors include SJU Caritas Man of Extraordinary Service, Elks Student of Year, Entrepreneur Scholar, and First-Gen Scholar. He manages the Greenhouse and  is Co-Coordinator in the Experience and Professional Development Office.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Central Minnesota YMCA

Kids who play sports at the YMCA discover more than athletic abilities. Y youth sport programs emphasize fun, skills development, sportsmanship and teamwork. Staff partner with CSB/SJU students to support youth in reaching their full potential — building character, developing self-confidence, and creating healthy relationships on and off the court.


Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Sheila Nelson

A strong advocate for experiential learning, Sheila loves mentoring students and has been involved in Service Learning at CSB/SJU since the program’s inception. Theory comes alive as her students interact with real people and challenges. Case studies of local organizations help students apply sociology concepts and research skills.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Goly Yang

Goly has a deep commitment to civic responsibility. Goly is actively engaged in community youth advocacy work in St. Paul.  She has developed and implemented youth literacy courses and coordinated a variety of community events, including hands-on opportunities for teacher education candidates, at the Conway Community Center.


Presidents’ Community Partner Awards: The Sanneh Foundation

The Sanneh Foundation serves the holistic youth development needs of the increasingly diverse Twin Cities metro area. It seeks to unite communities by advancing diversity and equity.  Saint Mary’s joins those efforts by partnering with the Foundation to prepare high-quality educators who reflect the diverse communities in which they work.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Christine Beech

Christine serves as the Executive Director of the Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies at Saint Mary’s University. In that role, she has advanced the university’s distinctive civic mission by forming strong partnerships in Winona and Rochester that have allowed our students to foster their entrepreneurial spirits.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Kyle Cavenah

Kyle is very deserving of this award. Completely on his own, he has spearheaded a new initiative to institute civic discussions on campus. He leads students on hot-button, culturally relevant discussions to demonstrate meaningful, respectful, civil discourse.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Aaron Bible

Aaron consistently displays a passion for bringing the students of SMSU together and exemplifies what it means to be inclusive and welcoming on campus. Aaron knows how to get even the most hesitant of students engaged in community and team-building activities.


Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Southwest Adult Basic Education

SW ABE is a welcoming and affirming support network that has collaborated to develop educational enrichment opportunities for the community, emerging immigrant adult learners, and SMSU students. They allow SMSU students opportunities for internships and tutoring in an effort to increase knowledge about the services provided to their clients.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Emily Deaver

Emily works tirelessly to create a culture and practice of engagement among her students and colleagues by forming strong partnerships through the Redwood River Water Monitoring project, Redwood River Clean-up with ADM, SMSU Undergraduate Research Conference, Minnesota State Undergraduate Scholars Conference, and MinnState Poster Session at the State Capitol.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Sadia Farah

Sadia researched and authored the religious holiday accommodation policy to benefit all St. Catherine University students who may observe a religious holiday without academic penalty. Sadia impacts the broader community through her work with Nursing faculty Dr. Bessette Gorlin, Children’s Hospitals and StoryCorps Legacy, developing educational materials for families.


Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Rondo Library

Rondo Library has been a steadfast community partner of St. Kate’s. It is an amazing environment for service-learners and student workers to learn in while working with youth and adults through a multitude of programs such as Read to Me, Sewing Room, Open Lab, English Conversation Circle, and Homework Center.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Elizabeth Otto

Elizabeth has worked tirelessly to incorporate community engagement into multiple Communications Studies courses to the benefit of students and community. Elizabeth is also working to advance the scholarship of engagement through research on the benefits of community-engaged learning for students’ career readiness.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Kappa Phi Omega Sorority

Kappa Phi Omega is a local sorority founded at St. Cloud State University in 1985 to build better citizens, sisters, and women. They are extremely involved on campus and in the St. Cloud community-hosting numerous service events to raise awareness and funds for sexual assault, domestic violence and Cystic Fibrosis.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Conflict Resolution Center St. Cloud

Conflict Resolution Center satellite office in St. Cloud provides low-cost or free mediation services to community members who are experiencing disputes that they cannot resolve on their own.  CRC provides an opportunity for students from St. Cloud State to gain valuable experience applying their mediation skills.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Chris Lehman

Chris has consistently engaged in community-centered scholarship and activism including the authorship of several scholarly books, multiple manuscripts, representing the SCSU faculty and community at Harvard University, and most recently as the driving force behind the initiative to rename the 51 building at SCSU, Ruby Cora Webster Hall.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Northfield Retirement Community

For over 15 years, NRC has partnered with the Social Work program through internships, vocational exploration, and the Story Partner program. NRC shows ongoing commitment to educating our students about issues related to aging. They provide excellent on-boarding orientation and on-going support, even collaborating to provide transportation for students.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Kristina Medina-Vilariño

Kristina, Associate Professor of Spanish, enacts her civic duty as a citizen and educator in numerous ways: teaching community-engaged courses, empowering students to develop their own civic engagement projects, mentoring several student organizations, and organizing local Latina/o leaders and the campus around fundraising for the Puerto Rico hurricane crisis.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Sydney Bauer

Sydney is a leader in a sustainability engagement project called the Morris Model, which connects city, county, school, and campus partners around key sustainability goals. In this and many other community roles, Sydney is personable and deeply engaged in making our community a better place to live and work.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Blaine Hill

Blaine, Morris city manager, has led Morris’ clean energy and water initiatives for more than a decade. An advocate for the power of students to make a difference and the centrality of town-gown partnerships, Blaine has partnered with countless UMM students in important work related to sustainability and communication.


Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward: Thomas Genova

Thomas co-founded the TERCERO program, which trains volunteer translators and interpreters to serve our growing Latinx community. Tom has provided thorough feedback on volunteers’ work, helped to envision the program’s next steps, and offered countless hours of interpretation for free to the regional school district.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Sue Simon

Sue has gone above and beyond supporting UMR students by creating rare educational opportunities at the unit. The students directly interact with the patients, which has positively influenced both parties. Sue’s work with UMR students and faculty has improved the service to adolescents with mental health challenges.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Ashley Cope

Ashley, Lead Peer Advisor in the Center for Community-Engaged Learning, is a double major in Art History and Gender, Women Sexuality Studies. Since 2016 Ashley has connected interested UMN stakeholders with community engagement opportunities. Ashley has worked with MIA, the Weisman Art Museum, Tretter Collection, and Free Arts Minnesota.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: People Serving People

People Serving People (PSP) operates a shelter and other services for families experiencing homelessness. PSP has partnered in multiple ways with the University for decades to enhance research, education, and policy. PSP created a licensed early child education program and a new course on child trauma-informed care with the University.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Monica McKay

Monica, Assistant Director in the Center for Community-Engaged Learning (CCEL), has supported community engagement for over 20 years through Sustainable Agriculture, Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs and during the last 15 years, CCEL. She connects UMN stakeholders to public, nonprofit and governmental entities.

Presidents’ Students Leadership Award: Asian Student Fellowship

Lisa Yang Fredericks and Yeng Sam Vang co-founded the Asian Student Fellowship in 2016. ASF brings students from a diversity of Asian cultures together to strengthen community by creating cultural, educational, and celebratory events in order to inspire, empower, and give voice to members of Asian communities on campus.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Big Brother Big Sister Cohort

The Big Brother Big Sister Cohort is a group of 24 first-year students who have
volunteered weekly at Four Seasons Elementary School for the 2018-2019 academic year. They are committed to addressing Minnesota’s opportunity gap and are invested in making an impact in the lives of these students.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Marvin Anderson, Rondo Commemorative Plaza

Marvin’s lifelong work in the Rondo community aims to reclaim the once vibrant social, political, and economic fabric of the St. Paul community of Rondo. The newly inaugurated Rondo Plaza serves as a center for topics such as economic power of this historic black neighborhood, gentrification, healing, and reconciliation.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Jake Reilly

Jake is a hall director and is committed to engaging students in the nonprofit community. He has hosted restorative justice circles to help restore a culture of respect, inclusion, and equity. He also co-advises the Queer Straight Alliance Club and students indicate he is a strong advocate.

Presidents’ Student Leadership Award: Catherine Pinter

Catherine is a founding member of WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) at WSU, and she has nurtured and created a culture of engagement in all the clubs she’s involved in by modeling and seeking out opportunities for service. Catherine plans to attend dental school and eventually work for Dentists Abroad.


Presidents’ Community Partner Award: Great River Shakespeare Festival

For fifteen years, WSU has proudly been home to the Great River Shakespeare Festival, and it will be a great source of pride to host the organization for years to come.  The partnership between WSU and GRSF has enriched and mutually benefited the University, the Festival, and the Winona community.

Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award: Civic Engagement & Leadership Conference

The Civic Engagement and Leadership Conference is for local high school students from diverse language and cultural backgrounds to explore issues of belonging, the value of cultural identities and education. For students who may rarely see someone who looks like them in positions of power, this conference can be life-changing.