May Update – New Community Engagement Resources

April 28, 2017

Articles, Books, and Journals

Beyond Politics as Usual: Paths for Engaging College Students in Politics by Ileana Marin and Ray Minor

The Community Engagement Professional in Higher Education edited by Lina D. Dostilio

Democratizing the Great Books” by Casey N. Blake,  Roosevelt Montas and Tamara Mann Tweel

Diversity and Democracy: Current Issue, Citizenship Under Siege edited by Kathryn Peltier Campbell

eJournal of Public Affairs: Civic Leadership for Social Justice. Vol 6, No 1 (2017)

The Making of Future Citizens” by Maria Henson

Rethinking Readiness: Deeper Learning for College, Work, and Life edited by Rafael Heller, Rebecca E. Wolfe, and Adria Steinberg (includes a chapter on civic education)

Social Justice Should Be A Key Part of Educating Health Professionals” by Michael Westerhaus (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities), Amy Finnegan (University of St. Thomas), Jennifer Goldsmith, Evan Lyon, Casey Fox, and Michelle Morse

Where’s the Wisdom in Service-Learning? edited by Robert Shumer

Other Resources

Compact Nation Podcast Episode 8 featuring Cathy Jordan and Andy Furco from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

New RAYSE Index (Reaching All Youth Strengthens Engagement) from CIRCLE

Gender Values: Meeting the Challenge for STEM Gender Diversity