May Community Engagement Resources

April 24, 2018

The University Elephant in the Room: Where’s Community Engagement Headed? by Steve Dubb
Campus Compact, a coalition of over 1,000 universities dedicated to community engagement, held its biennial conference last month. While university partnerships with nonprofits have never been stronger, shifting universities to be community-serving institutions remains challenging.

Civic Engagement: It’s for the Long Haul by Jennifer Bradley
The final of The Aspen Institute’s Listening to Inclusive Innovators series, this set of interviews reveals three important lessons for creating and implementing inclusive and effective civic engagement.

Service-Learning Could Strengthen Long-Term Student Outcomes by Lillian Williams
This pilot case study raises questions worthy of exploration because it indicates that service learning holds potential for strengthening long-term outcomes in the journalism discipline.

Awakening Democracy Through Public Work: Pedagogies of Empowerment
by Harry Boyte
In the face of authoritarian, divisive trends and multiplying crises, when politics-as-usual is stymied, Awakening Democracy through Public Work shows it is possible to build foundations for a democratic awakening grounded in deep American traditions of a citizen-centered commonwealth.

Guide to Community Engagement Fellows
A guide to creating your own community of practice built to encourage mutually beneficial, enduring collaborations between higher education and broader communities.

Social Impact Educator Toolkit
This toolkit was designed to support educators who are preparing their students to enter Map the System and focuses on the Impact Gaps Canvas and other tools and training ideas an educator might use to prepare their students. It is part of a wider forthcoming report on systems-led leadership education.

 Youth Electoral Significance Index
Parties and other political groups often overlook the votes and energy of young people even where youth can have a decisive influence on the outcome of the race. CIRCLE is providing data-driven insights about the states and congressional districts where youth are poised to have a disproportionately high electoral impact in 2018.