January Update: New Community Engagement Resources

January 3, 2016

Books, Articles, and Journals

Democratizing Leadership: Counter-hegemonic Democracy in Communities, Organizations, and Institutions. Edited by: Mike Klein, University of Saint Thomas.

Civic Aspirations: Why Some Higher Education Faculty Are Reconnecting Their Professional and Public Lives. ByClaire Snyder-Hall, Kettering Foundation.

Dynamics of Faculty Engagement in the Movement for Democracy’s Education at Northern Arizona University: Backgrounds, Practices, and Future Horizons. By: Romand Coles and Blase Scarnati, Kettering Foundation.

Students Abroad: First, Do No Harm With Your Camera. By: Lise Saffran, Chronicle of Higher Education

Our Top 15 Teaching and Learning Articles of 2015. By: Mary Bart, published by Faculty Focus

Other: Toolkits, data, websites

Youth Civic and Character Measures Toolkit. By Amy K. Syvertsen (Search Institute), Laura Wray-Lake (University of Rochester), and  (West Virginia University).

Volunteering and Civic Life in America 2015: Report on National, State, and City data. National Conference on Citizenship, Corporation for National & Community Service.

Engaged Sport Connections– Striving to build connections between sports, academics, and communities through programs, research, and courses.