February Update – New Community Engagement Resources

January 27, 2017

Articles, Books and Journals

AAC&U’s Fall 2016 issue of Liberal Education: Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation

Critical Conversations about Religion
Promises and Pitfalls of a Social Justice Approach to Interfaith Dialogue” by Sachi Edwards, University of Maryland, College Park

Don’t Retreat. Teach Citizenship.” by Michael B. Smith, Rebecca S. Nowacek, and Jeffrey L. Bernstein, Chronicle of Higher Education

“Engaged Research: Society & Higher Education Working Together to Address Grand Societal Challenges” by Campus Engage (Irish Universities Association and Irish Research Council)

How Colleges Can Teach Students to be Good Citizens” by Shannon Najmabadi, Chronicle of Higher Education

Making Citizens: How American Universities Teach Civics” from the National Association of Scholars; and “A Different Kind of Politics” response by Harry C. Boyte

National Service, Not Government, Will Make America Great” by Eric Tanenblatt, The Hill

Putting Community First in Social Innovation Education” by Alan Harlam, Lizzie Pollock, and Gaby Gonzalez, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Recruitment to Native Communities Has Got to Be Different by Kelly Field, Chronicle of Higher Education – notes the importance of community-based (not individualistic) recruitment efforts and the strong desire among Native students to contribute to their communities

Shared Space, Liminal Space: Five  Years Into A Community-University Place-Based Experiment” by Heidi Lasley Barajas and Lauren Martin (of the University of Minnesota), Metropolitan Universities

“The Future of Faculty Work: Academic Freedom and Democratic Engagement” by R. Eugene Rice in Envisioning the Faculty for the Twenty-first Century: Moving to a Mission-Oriented and Learner-Centered Model (2016)

Volume 4 (2016) of International Journal of Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement

Other Resources

Campus Compact Nation Episode 5 with Leslie Garvin from North Carolina Campus Compact, Julie Plaut from Minnesota Campus Compact, and Josh Todd from Oregon Campus Compact

How to Engage Youth in Elections and Beyond – infographics based on research from CIRCLE

National Equity Atlas

Taking Civic Action Planning Beyond the Campus: Weber State and Ogden City interview of local leaders by Campus Compact

University of Minnesota Extension Youth Development Podcast

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