December Update: New Community Engagement Resources

November 30, 2015


Books, Articles, and Journals

Diversity & Democracy, Fall 2015, Vol. 18, No. 4. Featuring- Identity and Social Action: The Role of Self-Examination in Systemic Change. By: Tania D. Mitchell, University of Minnesota.

Jigsaw Research Communities: Coordinating Research and Service Across Multiple course to Serve a Single Community Partner. In the Journal of Public Scholarship in Higher Education. By: Anne Cross and Deborah Eckberg, Metro State University.

Partnerships: a Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement. Vol 6, No. 3. 

Working (With/Out) the System: Educational Leadership, Micropolitics, and Social Justice. Edited by: James Ryan and Denise E. Armstrong.

Want your GIS students to excel as pros? Try service learning! By: Wing Cheung

Case Study: Is Service Learning Worth the Effort? By: Georgiana Bostean

Community Partner Guide to Campus CollaborationsEnhance Your Community By Becoming a Co-Educator With Colleges and Universities. ByChristine M. Cress , Stephanie T. Stokamer , and Joyce P. Kaufman

Returning to our Roots: Educating for Democracy. A concept paper on youth civic engagement. By: Generation Citizen

Experiential Learning in Philosophy. Edited by: Julinna Oxley and Ramona Ilea

Insurgent Democracy: The Nonpartisan League in North American Politics. By: Michael Lansing

Cities building Community Wealth, a report by the Democracy Collaborative. Check out their city profiles, Minneapolis is one of 20.

Stories of Impact: Nexus Community Partners. By: Hope Community, Inc. and Tracy Babler.

Community-Based Participatory Research and Evaluation Approaches in Native American Communities Edited by Dawn M. Mackety. The National Indian Education Association

Other (Videos, Toolkits) 

A session recording: A Think Tank on Social Innovation and Civic Engagement in Higher Education, organized by Duke University and Washington University.

A session recording: The 21st Century Engaged Public Research University. Institute for Advanced Study, University of Minnesota

Digital Storytelling Toolkit: Immigrant Stories for College Students. Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota.

Do Now You: Currently seeking professors to integrate the Do Now You project (online science discussions using social media) into their classrooms.