August Community Engagement Resources

July 26, 2017

Big brands partnering with Service Year 100 are helping community-minded young people to boost their careers

A critical perspective on colleges and universities and civic education

Some colleges and universities now support faculty members’ community service

Legislators and educators are trying to revive an important subject

Beyond Politics as Usual: Paths for Engaging College Students in Politics edited by Ileana Marin and Ray Minor

This book from the Kettering Foundation looks at current practices and approaches that faculty and staff of post-secondary institutions and nonprofits use to instill democratic concepts, values, and skills in students.



Working Together: Enhancing Urban Educator Quality Through School-University Partnerships – Edited by Diane Yendol, Debora Shanley,  Darby Delane, and David Hoppey

This book provides examples of urban school-university partnerships that improve educator quality, streghthen the pipeline of urban educators, and expand Pk-12 students’ learning experiences.

Advancing Leadership Studies through Community-Engaged Scholarship: Journal of Leadership Studies, Vol. 11, Issue 1, edited by Kelly L. Priest and Brandon W. Kliewer

Interfaith Opportunities in Catholic Higher EducationEngaging Pedagogies in Catholic Higher Education, Vol. 3, Issue 1

Compact Nation Podcast Episode 11: Live from Campus Compact’s Midwest Regional Conference with Byron White

Materials from two ILCC/WiCC webinars: Engaging Students in Bipartisan Discourse and Online Service-Learning

Aesthetic Perspectives: Attributes of Excellence in Arts for Change – a framework available to understand and analyze creative work in arts in relation to civic engagement, community development, and justice

Beyond Doom and Gloom: Climate Solutions – resources for faculty from the Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium and the Disciplinary Associations Network for Sustainability

Educational Practices that Relate to Civic Gains & Voting Rates – Lessons from NSSE and NSLVE – from the 2017 Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Meeting – also learn more about the APSA’s efforts HERE

Equity Imperative report from the Lumina Foundation – learn more about their priorities action plans HERE

Healing Justice Is More than Just Words report by Susan Raffo – a guide for those who want to prioritize healing from trauma in their work

Land of Plenty: How Should We Ensure that People Have the Food They Need? – a new deliberative dialogue issue guide from the National Issue Forums Institute 

Imagining America 2016 Milwaukee Conference – several videos of plenary sessions are available HERE