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Communicating Effectively about Community Engagement in Higher Education (2018)
This toolkit provides guidance for a community engagement professionals, campus communications professionals, campus administrators, and others involved in telling the story of higher education community engagement.  It is the work product of the 2017-18 Minnesota Campus Compact Communications Task Force. We thank all those who participated for their contributions.

“Cultural Agility: Leadership for Change” (2016)
This article reflecting on lessons learned from the MNCC Cultural Agility Collaboration is available through AAC&U’s Diversity & Democracy and is authored by Project Leadership Team Autumn Brown, Nickyia Cogshell, Susan Gust, Tania D. Mitchell, Sinda Nichols and Julie Plaut. 

Asset-Based Community Engagement in Higher Education (2014)
Edited and published by Minnesota Campus Compact, this book is a collection of essays and case studies that addresses both the potential and challenges for asset-based community engagement in higher education.

Civic Engagement in Graduate Education: Preparing the Next Generation of Engaged Scholars (2006)

Civic Engagement in Higher Education (2007)
This book captures highlights of online dialogues and resources related to reflection, power dynamics in campus-community collaboration, assessment and evaluation of civic engagement initiatives, and risk management. The series was organized by the Upper Midwest Campus Compact Consortium and made possible by a grant from the Learn and Serve America program of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Engaged Campus Vision (2000)
Minnesota Campus Compact’s Engaged Campus Vision invites campuses to mobilize a wide variety of human, material, and financial resources in reciprocal, ongoing partnerships with local communities and organizations. This vision statement was approved by all member presidents in 2000.

Exploring the Power of Campus-Community Partnerships (2008)
This report captures key points from Minnesota Campus Compact’s 2008 Civic Engagement Forums.

From Activities to Benefits (2010)
This report reflects on the 2009 Civic Engagement Forums that Minnesota Campus Compact convened with the Minnesota Evaluation Association. We aimed to bring out multiple perspectives on what civic engagement outcomes matter, to identify models and resources, and to generate new ideas for implementing and learning from evaluation.

From Charity to Change: Model Campus Community Collaborations from Minnesota and the Nation (1999)
This publication outlines the principles and purposes behind collaborative efforts, defines relevant terms, presents brief descriptions of more than twenty model programs, and provides a list of related resources.

The Impact of Civic Engagement Efforts on Students (2007)
The Upper Midwest Campus Compact Consortium solicited research briefs from several scholars in education, political science, and psychology, asking them to articulate a key concept in their discipline and apply it to service-learning pedagogy and practice. Contributors include Kenneth G. Brown, Lamont A. Flowers, and Peter Levine.

Increasing Institutional Civic Engagement Through Local Purchasing (2007, with 2013 update)
Higher education institutions are tremendous economic engines, yet a variety of opportunities exist for higher education institutions to demonstrate even greater support for area economies through targeted local purchasing of goods and services. Includes updated local purchasing infographic.

Lessons Learned from the Development of Community Service Work-Study Programs  (2000)
This book highlights good practices in community-based work-study programs at campuses in Minnesota and Massachusetts.  It was made possible by a grant from the Learn and Serve America program of the Corporation for National and Community Service.  For a hard copy, please contact Minnesota Campus Compact staff.

Looking Back, Moving Forward: 20th Anniversary Stories and Priorities (2014)
PDF | eMagazine
On the occaision of our 20th anniversary, these stories of the impact of the civic engagement efforts of  Minnesota Campus Compact’s member campuses provide a glimpse into the commitment of higher education institutions to their communities. The publication also shares a vision for our work moving forward.

Minnesota Campus Civic Engagement Study (2003)
This study benchmarks Minnesota institutions’ commitment to civic engagement and service-learning and examines the sustainability of projects supported through the State-funded Post-Secondary Service-Learning Grant Program from 1989-2001.

Outcomes. Minnesota Campus Compact Assessment Brief. Issue 1, Fall 2010
Outcomes. Minnesota Campus Compact Assessment Brief. Issue 2, Fall 2011

Service-Learning and Academic Success: The Links to Retention Research (2008)
This brief reviews the literature and provides a general overview of the relationship that exists between service-learning and academic success. It was written by Dan Simonet, an AmeriCorps VISTA serving with Minnesota Campus Compact.

Social Change Wheel (2012 update)
Since 1994, Minnesota Campus Compact has used this tool to encourage  people to consider the various ways they can contribute to change on the issues they care about most.

Strengthening STEM Education Through Service-Learning (2013)
Highlights and lessons learned from the 2010 Learn and Serve America Higher Education STEM grant program

Training Citizens While Training Workers: Strengthening Ties Between Civic Engagement and Workforce Development Efforts (2006)
In what ways can pursuing public good also enhance our ability as a state to maintain a strong workforce? How does the concept of “doing well by doing good” manifest itself in the broad arena of workforce development? In  2004, Minnesota Campus Compact convened a special Task Force on Civic Engagement and Workforce Development to discuss these and other questions and capture best practices in an effort to encourage the development of a future workforce that is both technically and civically competent.

“We’re Making a Difference”: How Student Leadership Development Shapes the Citizen-Scholar Fellows Program and Its Results (2010)
A 2009-10 assessment of the Midwest Campus Compact Citizen-Scholar (M3C) Fellows Program in Minnesota\

Minnesota Campus Compact Staff Contributions to Other Publications

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Rural Alliance for Service Learning. (2010). The State of Rural Service Learning

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