CAC Working Groups

Since the Cultural Agility Collaboration (CAC) first convened in March 2015, the CAC Learning and Leadership Cohort members have been hard at work developing relationships, building their individual and shared insights and capacity, and exploring strategies to promote practices in higher education that serve the full diversity of Minnesota residents. Participants have identified their own spheres of influence and explored how they can leverage their own power to enable others to act, beginning to see their individual efforts on campuses and in communities around the state as part of a greater shared narrative of change. 

In addition to actions they are taking within their own contexts, CAC members have formed three working groups, each addressing a topic that emerged from the CAC’s initial retreats:

  • Facilitating inclusive, equitable, socially just spaces (e.g., what strategies have been successful at advancing this goal in classrooms, campuses, and local communities? what preparation/professional development will allow more educators to share their full selves and support others?); and
    • If you are interested in learning more about the Inclusive Spaces group, please feel free to contact group members Brandyn Woodard at blwoodard {at} csbsju(.)edu, Dave Ellis at Dave {at} DaveEllisConsulting(.)com, Sophia Geng at sgeng {at} csbsju(.)edu , or Andrew Cseter at andrew.cseter {at} metrostate(.)edu.

Inclusive Spaces Video Resources

The inclusive spaces group worked with students with a diversity of identities from a range campuses to create a series of video resources on how to cultivate more inclusive spaces in higher education. Discussion questions to accompany the video are available here. 

  • Authentic community engagement (e.g., how can we go beyond short-term projects to deeper, trusting, lasting relationships with a sense of shared purpose? how can we recognize all people as members of communities with knowledge and wisdom to share and more to learn?).
    • If you are interested in learning more about the Authentic Community Engagement group, please feel free to contact group members Christine DeLarbre at christine.delarbre {at} gmail(.)com, Mae Sylvester at maesylvester {at} yahoo(.)com, or Gloria Honda at honda.glo {at} gmail(.)com.
  • Creating institutional change (e.g., how can campuses recruit and retain more faculty and staff of color? how can people communicate effectively across positional power differences? how can we sustain ourselves emotionally when change work is difficult and slow?);
    • If you are interested in learning more about the Institutional Change group, please feel free to contact group members Colette Hyman at chyman {at} winona(.)edu, Brandyn Woodard at blwoodard {at} csbsju(.)edu, Philip Cook at cookx733 {at} umn(.)edu,Becky Krystyniak at rakrystyniak {at} stcloudstate(.)edu, or Kyle Parsons at kyle.parsons {at} mnhs(.)org.