College Health Corps

The College Health Corps (CHC) VISTA program advances health equity and improves low-income Minnesotans’ health through partnerships between higher education and communities.

“Before VISTA, the only thing we could do for students with health needs was refer them elsewhere. Over three years, our VISTA members built relationships with local colleges, created a health mentoring curriculum and resource book, and built community partnerships. Now, two years after our last VISTA left, we have vision and dental screenings, HIV/AIDS testing, flu shots, health fairs, and health advocates who help students get health insurance and access care. It’s a snowball effect where once VISTAs help you develop some capacity, you’re able to attract more resources. At least 300 students each year are helped by this program, and it all started with VISTA.”

–Amy Libman, Director of Student Support Services at Minnesota Internship Center High School

“The work that the AmeriCorps VISTA helped Century College to develop and implement was the foundation that we needed to begin building a program to support students’ basic needs. A year plus later, the Resource Center continues to grow and meet the basic needs of our students – many of whom live in the crisis of poverty. This year the Food Pantry has expanded to provide meals for students for one to two weeks at a time; we’ve added a clothes closet, opportunity community (community and campus engaged mentors/navigators to support students), parent resources, and additional emergency funding resources.”

– Joyce Coleman, Vice President Student Affairs, Century College

For more information: 

Jaquelyn Chagnon, Program Coordinator
jchagnon {at} compact(.)org