Findings From Funded PAR Projects

The Participatory Action Research projects funded by MNCC and Youthprise have wrapped up. We showcase their results and lessons here so these youth-led projects can inform our network’s ongoing efforts to improve educational cultures, policies, and practices to better serve Minnesota’s increasingly diverse students.

Carleton College

Carleton College Participatory Action Research team including Anita Chikkatur (Associate Professor, Educational Studies) and student researchers Diana Delgado, Vivian Do, Phuong Nguyen, Ka Thao, and Stephanie Valle studied the experiences of under-represented students (including women, racial minorities, low-income students, and LGBTQA+ students) in STEM classes and majors at Carleton. Learn more about their recommendations here. 

St. Paul Neighborhood Network

St. Paul Neighborhood Network community youth members have created a blog post and accompanying video. The link to the blog is here. To look at their PowerPoint, click here.

University of Minnesota Rochester, Rochester Off Campus Charter School, Hawthorne Education Center, Rochester STEM Academy, and Rochester Alternative Learning Center

The teams from University of Minnesota Rochester and four regional high schools, Rochester Off Campus Charter School, Hawthorne Education Center, Rochester STEM Academy, and Rochester Alternative Learning Center created a video for each high school, and an overall report.

The report is linked here.

Rochester Off Campus Charter School

Hawthorne Education Center

Rochester STEM Academy

Rochester Alternative Learning Center

University of St. Thomas and Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

The team from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School and the University of St. Thomas created a report, a video, and a website to display and document their work on first-generation college students.

To view the report directly, click here. To view the project website, including the report, an executive summary, the video, and more, click here. To read an article highlighting the project, click here.