June Update – New Community Engagement Resources

Articles, Books, and Journals “Colleges Should Put Their Money Where Their Ideals Are” by Sandra Goldmark

St. Cloud State Husky Compact

Engaged Campus. Engaged Students. Engaged Communities – this is the context in which St. Cloud State University’s (SCSU) Our Husky Compact comes to life. MNCC intern Anisa Sharif interviewed Dr. John Eggers, the Director of Counseling and Psychological services at St. Cloud State University, who outlined the creation of Our Husky Compact.  How did SCSU develop Our Husky Compact? The one page document was a product of work for the Higher Learning Commission. Now it has grown into a campus-wide touchstone. Eggers described an intensive collaborative process resulting in the identification of shared institutional outcomes and values. Over the course of months,…

WSU United by Annual Theme for Social Change

“Equity as a Human Right” ball pit starts conversation. Is it possible for a whole university to come together to address a single social issue? Winona State University (WSU) thinks so, and has been doing so for nine years. Read on to hear MNCC intern Anisa Sharif tell the story: WSU started organizing its community engagement work around an annual theme when the university received a $20,000 grant from Minnesota Campus Compact for “Our Drinking Fountains, Our Water,” a collaboration between WSU, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Southeastern Technical College, and In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre…

Reflections on the Thomas Ehrlich Award by Andrew Furco, 2012 Recipient

A guest post by Andrew Furco, Associate Vice-President for Public Engagement and Professor in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development at the University of Minnesota. Andrew Furco is the 2012 recipient of the Thomas Ehrlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award. Receiving the Thomas Ehrlich Award in 2012 was truly an honor. This award, in particular, has meant a great deal to me. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Ehrlich in 1992, while a graduate student at UC Berkeley working on my dissertation on service-learning. And meeting him was a turning point for me — one that changed the course of my career. At the time, I was…

May Update – New Community Engagement Resources

The Community Engagement Professional in Higher Education edited by Lina D. Dostilio

Metropolitan State University President Ginny Arthur, Leading the Way for the Common Good

“I’ve come a long way from the scared, first-generation college student, who had no idea how to navigate the alien world of higher education and cried herself to sleep nearly every night of my first semester, annoying my very confident and worldly roommate.” That student is now Metropolitan State University’s seventh president, Virginia (Ginny) Arthur, a leader dedicated to the “daunting but sacred responsibility” of supporting “the hopes and dreams of many traditionally underserved students.” In her inauguration speech on April 7th, Arthur emphasized the importance of “nurturing and developing rich but under-utilized talent” to the continued health and vitality…

Summer Regional Gatherings in May and June

Take some time to connect and learn with colleagues committed to advancing community engagement this summer! In a context that includes tight budgets and societal polarization, many of us are feeling challenged to clarify our goals, expand our partnerships, and enhance our capacity and impact. This interactive gathering will provide a space to discuss campuses’ community engagement priorities and goals, to delve into pressing questions and challenges in peer coaching circles, and to learn about communities of practice as a strategy for advancing community engagement work, as well as specific strategies and resources for fostering dialogue across differences. Campus teams or…

Partnerships Increase MCTC Students’ Access to Housing

Yasir Hassan serves at Minneapolis Community and Technical College addressing three needs of non-academic support for students at MCTC: healthcare, food, and housing. Read the full article to learn how Hassan has started developing partnerships within the community.

April Update – New Community Engagement Resources

Compact Nation Podcast Episode 7 featuring Tania D. Mitchell, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities faculty

Summary of the February 6, 2017 Presidents and Chancellors Conversation

Nineteen college and university presidents and chancellors from across Minnesota gathered on February 6, 2017, to reflect on what we can and must do in a time of visible polarization along lines of race, class, religion, location (urban/rural), political ideology, immigration status, and more. Our goal for ourselves and our communities is not necessarily agreement, but an enhanced ability to live and work together constructively in a free society. We discovered a strong, shared commitment to championing dialogue across differences and to practicing it ourselves. Listening deeply to each other’s stories is powerful. It can build trust, seed new relationships,…

New Partnerships Ease the Burden of Community Engagement Matching and Tracking

Without dedicated software, comprehensive tracking of student community engagement activity can be a lot of work – or nearly impossible. Software programs can be expensive, but two creative partnerships are making sophisticated tracking accessible to more campuses both in Greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities. If campuses and community organizations increasingly use shared software platforms, higher education volunteers, service-learners, interns, and other resources can also become easier for our communities to access. It’s a win-win. Southwest Minnesota State University and United Way of Southwest Minnesota recently launched a new collaborative website called MustangsVOLUNTEER, which makes service opportunities easier to find for…

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through Learning, Celebration, and Service

Minnesota Campus Compact members organized a variety of thoughtful programming during the week of January 17, 2017, celebrating the legacy of Dr. King, learning about current issues of race and justice in our state, and showcasing the plethora of options students have to engage with their communities. Here’s a small sample of activities: Augsburg College  Augsburg College held its 11th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation. This year’s theme was “Renewing King’s Call for Social Justice, Equality, and Inclusion, in an Age of Demagoguery.” The keynote speaker was Dr. Nekima Levy-Pounds, a civil rights attorney and legal scholar on issues of race, public policy,…

Building Meaningful Classroom Connections

“Not only did partnering with Brightside give us an opportunity to have real time discussions about what challenges organizations face, it allowed us to think bigger than ourselves, about our community and the good work that is being done and needs to be expanded.”

January Update – New Community Engagement Resources

Critical Competences for Social Impact Leaders by Romy Kraemer

Top Ten of 2016

When the Minnesota Campus Compact staff thinks about what we’re grateful for, the first answer is always going to be the thousands of people in this network who are dedicated to doing their work and living their lives in ways that contribute to a just, equitable, and sustainable state, transformative educational experiences, new knowledge, and more engaged citizens. That gratitude list wouldn’t fit in a top ten, so instead we’re naming (in order of chronology, not significance) ten aspects of MNCC’s work over the last year that sustain our spirits and show the potential in our collective commitment to the…

Cultivating Critical Thinking in Difficult Discussion: Tools and Techniques

In this line of work, we talk a lot about engaging across difference and having difficult conversations. Since the divisive presidential election, we’ve heard from colleagues that this is more imperative than ever, and the stakes are high. These conversations are made more complex by considerations of trigger warnings, academic freedom, and questions of what constitutes hate speech. In the midst of all of this, we’re also hearing from some of you that students and communities are eager to move to action. Many of us are left with more questions than answers: How do we connect listening and action? How…

Three Years of Dedicated Work

As a VISTA with the Youth Violence Prevention (YVP) team for the Minneapolis Health Department (MHD), I get to do all sorts of things but my favorite piece of the puzzle is Next Step.

Moving Forward After the Election: Resources for Campuses

Many of us are thinking today about how to engage campus communities in moving forward after the election. Though we operate in distinct institutional contexts, we may be able to draw upon one another’s work.  Our staff offers a few words and resources from the Campus Compact network, below, and invites your suggestions as comments to this post. Please also feel welcome to reach out to our staff at sinda {at} mncampuscompact(.)org or 612-436-2080. Augsburg College President Paul Pribbenow shared a letter to his campus on the morning of November 9, 2016, which frames our work in a helpful way: As I…

New December Community Engagement Resources

Five Things Student Affairs Professionals Can Do To Institutionalize Civic Engagement by Laura E. Sponsler and Matthew Hartley

5 Take-Aways from the 2016 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis

By Gavin Luter, Executive Director, Wisconsin Campus Compact  How can you have a coherent community engagement data collection framework? A great preconference session put on by a team of folks from IUPUI, IN Campus Compact, and consultants framed how to go about putting together a campus strategy for assessing and tracking community engagement data.  They offered a helpful DATA PLANNING FRAMEWORK and a Google Drive FOLDER complete with many helpful resources.  (Special shout-out to Anne Weiss from INCC who represented Compact Nation very well!) What do you have to show for all that data? IUPUI has launched a public tool…

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