St. Cloud State Husky Compact

Engaged Campus. Engaged Students. Engaged Communities – this is the context in which St. Cloud State University’s (SCSU) Our Husky Compact comes to life.

MNCC intern Anisa Sharif interviewed Dr. John Eggers, the Director of Counseling and Psychological services at St. Cloud State University, who outlined the creation of Our Husky Compact. 

How did SCSU develop Our Husky Compact?

The one page document was a product of work for the Higher Learning Commission. Now it has grown into a campus-wide touchstone. Eggers described an intensive collaborative process resulting in the identification of shared institutional outcomes and values. Over the course of months, the campus held 60 different meetings with faculty and staff. The result is a clear, concise model with shared language everyone on campus can use. It focuses on the role of civic identity development, self-awareness, and ethical engagement with the world. The document also features a cross-cutting emphasis on experiential learning. It gives voice to the key roles both classroom and co-curricular education play in students’ education at SCSU. 

How does the campus use it?

The implementation of Our Husky Compact is an ongoing process. Each year, SCSU will highlight one of the six Compact dimensions:

  • Thinking creatively and critically
  • Seeking and applying knowledge
  • Communicating effectively
  • Integrating existing and evolving technologies
  • Engaging as a member of a diverse and multicultural world
  • Acting with personal integrity and civic responsibility.

Our Husky Compact is beginning to permeate campus life. Students feel it has helped to strengthen campus pride and unity. Visitors see signs posted all over campus. Increasingly, syllabi from a wide range of departments reflect common language from Our Husky Compact. This upcoming fall, faculty will teach first-year students about the Compact. The will be the first class to experience four years framed by its commitments.

To learn more about Our Husky Compact and its implementation, contact John Eggers at jmeggers {at} stcloudstate(.)edu. Does your campus have an institutional framework or civic action plan that centers civic learning outcomes? Tell us about it at info {at} mncampuscompact(.)org